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Why am I still doing this?
30 October 1982
California, United States
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Helix Charter High School - La Mesa CA (1998 - 2001)
Grossmont College - El Cajon CA (2001 - 2005)
Miskatonic University - Arkham MA (2005 - 2006)
Unseen University - Ankh-Morpork England - Wiltshire UK (2006 - 2007)
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abortion, abuse awareness, animal defense, animals, annoying people, anti-censorship, anti-ethnocentrism, art, backbone, bad advice, beating head against wall, being a smart ass, being a spoiled brat, being generally obnoxious, being mixed, binky, biology, books, cats, cf_no_doubt, childfree, clive barker's undying, coffee, conversation, cultural diversity, darkness, david bowie, death, demons, depeche mode, disagreeing with jade, discworld, dogs, dune, epilepsy, equal rights, erotica, essure, fae, faeries, fairytales, fantasy, fucking with people's heads, gay rights, goblins, goddesses, guinea pigs, healing, honesty, horror, horses, human rights, imvu, individualist feminism, individuality, jareth, kittens, labyrinth, latina, laughing, lions, literature, lovecraft, magic, marquis de sade, mestiza, mexican, mixed, music, mythology, no i'm not ___, om, owls, patrick galloway, people's rights, philosophy, pissing people off, plotting, poetry, pro-choice, psychology, puck, radu, reading, religion, reproductive rights, responsible freedom, rock music, role-playing, sarah, sci-fi/fantasy, sex, silver, sleeping, snow leopards, spirituality, stars, sterilization, subspecies, tarot cards, terry pratchett, the "little shudder" story, throughbreds, tigers, turtles, type o negative, ugl, vast, vhemt, villains, what are you?, wolves, woman's rights, womens issues, womens studies, you don't look ___

I do not have the talent to summarize my entire being in a bio.

To put it as simple as possible I am a slacker, agnostic, VERY pro choice, pro equal rights for everyone. I am Childfree as in I do not care for most children and I think that life or society should not revolve around children. I believe that our differences should be celebrated and with people who go out of their way to be normal, should be eyed with distrust. That said, I'm not leaving anytime soon and I promise I am not a terrible person. A flaming liberal but not an evil soul.

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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